Changes to Google Age based settings

Instructions were provided to administrators from Google on the 6th of August  

Please ensure all users over 18 are indicated as such in your Google Admin Console double check that Blogadmin accounts are associated with OUs set to all users 18 or Older

Below is the comms from Google

Hello Administrator,

We are reaching out to remind you to indicate which users in your K-12 institution are 18 years of age or older via the age-based access setting in the Admin Console prior to Sept 1, 2021 to prevent users, such as teachers or staff, from losing access to services.

Age-based Access Setting

After Sept 1, 2021, any users in your domain that you did not indicate as 18 and older will default to the under 18 account setting. All users under 18 will have a more restricted experience with their Workspace accounts when using Additional Google services.

What do I need to do?

Please update the age-based access settings in your Admin console to indicate all users above the age of 18 (i.e. teachers, staff) before September 1, 2021.

How to set age-based access settings for users:

When setting the age-based access setting, please note:

We’re here to help

For technical questions and assistance, please contact Google Workspace support and reference issue number 188088298.

For compliance and data protection related questions, sign in to the Admin console to contact Google’s Cloud Data Protection Team (using the form under ‘Account settings > Legal & Compliance’, reference issue number 188088298 in the field ‘Description’).

If parents and guardians have additional questions and want to contact Google directly, they can reach out to us through this contact form.


The Google Workspace Team