Workspace for Education Plus

Getting the Workspace for Education Plus Upgrade

Recording with Google Meet and other advanced functions are  only available schools with Workspace for Education plus.

You can Compare editions here but the bottom line is this this is mission critical to support our pedagogy especially where online learning is the only option.

There is no impact on other services or Google licencing for Devices etc ie only an upside that we can see. 

You can check if you have it using google superadmin  access

on the admin console under billing - manage subscriptions it will appear as a workspace upgrade. note will be 2 lines education plus upgrade 1 for students another for staff

The picture below shows the subscription for  a different upgrade the icon you see will look like that.

If the school doesn't have it you can check that they have sent a verification letter to a 

Workspace for education partner : use the local tech provider (Fusion, New era , Norcom) if on this list.

If not one of them Google's recommendation was to use Noel Leeming commercial 

Get Token to provide to the supplier and use this code C0361jhue-C03wn0cm1

Schools are really and may appreciate help in getting the letter sorted below is the instructions Fusion have given their schools. and I made a screencast of the processes

Thanks for helping get this sorted.


Verification letter

Assigning licenses

Note when a school has  Workspace for Education plus - they still have to assign licenses.

There should be sufficient licences for Staff available. 

Schools should be empowered to make decisions as to who is assigned these licences. 

This can be set up to automatically  be applied to an organisation unit and/or applied to an individual user.  

Note gifs  below shows teaching and learning upgrade sam process for school but subscription will be for Workspace for Education plus 

Assigning Individual licenses 

Assigning Individual licenses